About CRCS

CRCS Inc. is a technology company specializing in voice communications (Digital, Analog and VOIP), Wireless, Unified/Centralized Communication, Multimedia solutions and services. As an AVAYA Business Partner, CRCS Inc. offers an array of solutions designed to assist small and mid-sized businesses, education and government use communications to improve productivity, increase profitability and optimize system performance.

Dean Miller, Founder and President of CRCS Inc. started the company in 1990, had already had over 30 years of telecommunications company experience. Although technology changed the way we communicated with one another, he believed that the technological advances over the years changed the way customers were treated. With the ever-changing advancements, there wasn’t time to focus anymore on customer service…and he wanted to change that. Dean Miller has built what is now a very reliable telecommunications service company in Pennsylvania and he has accomplished his main goal---bringing customer service to the forefront of his business.

At CRCS Inc. you will find not only the most advanced, highest performing telecommunications systems in the world, you will find a family of employees that can answer your every question and treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve. We welcome your business family into our business family and will be there when you need us.

Our customer service program means that we are available to answer your service calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call our office, you will speak with a customer service professional that can put you in touch with the right people for your problem or request. We promise that your issues or situation will be handled in the most professional and timeliest manner and that when you call us…we will be there!
Our dedication to customer service and the way we treat our customers is helping us to grow! We have been recommended time and time again to executives in every business field and now fulfill requests to service business throughout Pennsylvania and the United States. We have two office/technician locations and are growing. Our headquarters is located in Blairsville (Western PA) and a second location in Dallas (Northeast PA) to handle our expanding business.  

The products that we offer are AVAYA, the most advanced telecommunications systems in the world. We offer telecommunications systems to fit every business. From AVAYA’s IP Office to their highly advanced Communication Manager, CRCS Inc. can be your “Total System Solution.” We provide timely installations, project management, telephone support, system maintenance, programming, user/administrative training and telecommunications consulting services. We can help you decide on the best solution for your business with industry-specific applications…a customized communications system for your unique business.

CRCS Inc. also offers support for legacy AVAYA, Nortel Networks (Recently purchased by AVAYA) and AT&T/ Lucent Technologies phone systems that you may be still using.  CRCS Inc. performs moves, changes, additions, as well as programming for your phone system. We can also provide you with M/F 8/5 or 24/7 maintenance contracts on your current system.  We service and sell new and replacement parts for the following AVAYA (formally Lucent Technologies/AT&T/Nortel) product lines:

CRCS Inc. will install all types of wiring for your phone system and/or computer networks.  With our experience and expertise, we will be more than happy to assist you in all phases of planning, implementation, installation, testing and certification if required of your new data network.  We install Category 3 voice wiring, Category 5e, Category 6, Fiber Optic as well as CATV wire. Wires are terminated per your specification at your server end on quality Category 5E or Category 6 patch panels. We add wire management devices to create a picture perfect job. All Category 5E, Category 6, and Fiber Optic installations are certified using state-of-the-art testing equipment, and you can have printed results if requested.

Our family of employees is trained in the most recent product developments and holds the highest certifications in the field. When a CRCS Inc. technician comes to your place of business, you can be assured that he or she is the highest trained technician industry-wide.

In addition, we have access to AVAYA direct engineers and product specialists to provide you with a "total system solution." This concept provides our customers the benefit of having a single point of contact for all their communications needs, and with recently acquired agreements, CRCS Inc. now provides Long Distance options.

CRCS Inc.'s family is dedicated to exceptional customer service, business strategy, leading edge technology, and the most technologically advanced equipment and service. We will deliver to you a product that fits all of your needs, at a competitive price, and the quality of service you expect and deserve. CRCS Inc. would like to help you fulfill your Communication/Network needs. Let our CRCS Inc. family become part of your business family…our communications team will simplify your needs with AVAYA communications solutions and fit your company with the communications solution you deserve.

To find out more about CRCS Inc., visit us on the web at www.crcsinc.com or contact us:

1-800-257-1983 in Blairsville, PA or 1-877-652-1800 in Dallas, PA.