CRCS, Inc. Staff

Dean Miller

Captain Dean Miller - Owner & President

  • 42 years experience in all facets of current and legacy telecommunications systems.

Eydie Piatt

Eydie Piatt - Director of Sales

I had years of telecom experience prior to CRCS. Years of service 38 years

  • Bell of Pa
  • Supervisor- AT&T
  • Account Executive
  • number 1 in the country
  • Council of leaders
  • prestigious E award
  • Sales Manager- Lucent technologies
  • Account Executive- Business owner EPC Communications
  • Independent Agent for AT&T also provided network Services and cell phones

Pat Weaver

Patricia (Pat) Weaver - Systems Coordinator

  • 14 years experience
  • IP Office Expert, IP Office Sales, IP Office Implementation and Programming, SME Communications

Janice Decker

Janice Decker - Accountant

  • Accounting
  • 32 years experience

George Krinock

George Krinock - Operations Supervisor

  • 19 years experience
  • Archived Systems Expert, Video Surveillance

Eric Piatt

Eric Piatt - Communications Consultant

  • 5 years experience
  • Advanced Sales IP Office, SME Communications, Video Surveillance